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High-quality, stable, genuine rhodium socket by SELECTA USA
Almost an oval metal frame in antique silver with a blue patterned glass rim and flexible hinge on the temples
162002 col. 1
Oval metallic glasses for ladies in matt gold with purple-green color accents
260002 col. 1
Metal frame in pantoform in matt silver with black glass rim on top
2177 col. FSN
Genuine 80s ladies metal frame
EPSOM. Metall
A small faux leather case in black, for folding glasses
Faltbrillen Etui
Metal frame in panto style in antique silver with brown glass rim above
2177 col. GRO
Semi-rim goggles for men in stainless steel in matt silver
1359 col. FSO

B6 col. Green
Drill set for men in black with gray accents and with flexible hinge
G-Ray col. FSN
A high quality and very nice combination socket, Made in France by Les Halles
Half rimless nylon, large shape, in 14 kt
Extravagant, slightly smaller matt silver frame with black acetate tops
Neostyle Forum 402 col. 900
Extravagant, slightly smaller frame with brown patterned acetate tops
Neostyle Forum 402 col. 2
Fine ladies glasses frame in a fancy design
FORUM 580 col. 545
Semi rimless pilot drill frame with 2 screws per glass
Semi rimless pilot drill frame with 2 screws per glass

Very attractive, high quality Frame
Stable, octagonal, real rhodium late 70s Frame of SELECTA USA
Matt golden metal frame with brown patterned glass rim and with flexible hinge
Le Fugitif V411
Superlight and thin stainless steel frame in antique silver with brown patterned glass rim
Metal frame for men with a center bridge made of colorful patterned acetate and acetate straps
Elegant, elegant ladies acetate frame from FEDON - Italy
Lightweight, larger stainless steel women's frame
Rimless 4-hole drilling set with flexible hinges and anti-allergic temples
Small diamond-shaped metal frame from the 80s in silver with W-bridge
A great, high-quality Nylor metal frame in super quality and in a fancy design
Neostyle JET 222 col. 902
Pretty metal nylon frame in fancy graffity design
Neostyle Jet 223 col. 655
Oversize vintage 70s metal frame for men in silver
Vintage silver pilot frame with double rim and gray gradient lenses
Starlite col. 4
Round metal frame in matt gold with small glass size and flared jaws
A800 Matt Gold
Fine, octagonal stainless steel frame in shiny silver
DF19 Silber
Strong metal eyeglasses frame for men from Desil in gold with matt gold details
Desil Mod. Consul col. 01
High-quality half-rim Panto glasses in matt gold with flexible hinge
Kenzo Mod. Riazan col. K83
High quality golden metal mount for ladies
KENZO Mod. Devi col. K288
Matt silver ladies frame with accents in shiny silver
KENZO Mod. Firenze col. K304
High quality nylon fitting for ladies in black with flexible hinge
KENZO Mod. Kirk col. K65
Thin metal frame in brown painted for men
KENZO Mod. Arequipa col. K320
High-quality half-rim pantofassung with flex hinges in matt silver
Kenzo Mod. Riazan col K85
Feather-light stainless steel frame in Pantoform with double upper edge and with twisted temples in very high quality
KENZO Mod. Cordou col. K13
Golden metal frame for ladies in a well thought-out and unusual design
KENZO Mod. Comete col. K233
Panda Frame in matt silver with a gray patterned glass rim
KENZO Mod. Jakarta col. K191
A very sturdy metal frame, similar to our former Chancellor
KING.1- chrome
A very sturdy metal frame, similar to our former Chancellor
Antique Klemmer in nickelfarben from the 1920s
Extremely styled
Stable, high-quality, SELECTA metal frame with a nostalgic touch
Classic unisex glasses by Desil with a brown patterned coating on the front of the midsection
Desil Mod. Quadro Lacca
Classic unisex Frame of Desil
Desil Mod. Quadro col. 02
Beautifully styled semi-rimless late 70s Nylor socket, Made in Japan for Selecta USA quality is 1st cream
Beautifully styled late half rimless 70s Nylor socket, Made in Japan for Selecta USA
Vintage 70s metal frame in gold with a high nose bridge and brown accent on the front of the glass rim
Lilly col. 2
Vintage 70s metal frame with a high nose bridge and black accent on the front of the glass rim
Lilly col. 3
Stable, high-quality, large 70s genuine rhodium socket in 6- cornered form
LINDA. Rhodium
Feminine metal frame in delicate lilac with purple-colored patterned top bar and straps
6666 col. VR
Bigger, high-quality, attractive Nylor Frame
Distinctive half-rim glasses for women, in metallic brown, from the French designer forge
Eye'DC Mod. V173 Braun
Funny metal frame in silver with a green-pink-purple patterned top bar and straps
London Silver
Stable, high-quality, very large 70s genuine rhodium plated Frame from SELECTA USA
LORD. rhodium
70385 col.114
Metal frame in antique gold with a brown Windsor plating on the upper rim. K & B Made in Italy Color: antique gold, brown Size: 48 - 20 mm, 50 - 20 mm 
Original vintage optical Frame, produced in the 1980s