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Attractive, beautiful men sunglasses Color: Glossy black Slices: Brown mineral, 100% UV protection
Sun Rock Sport - Sunglasses In cristall with yellow discs or dull gray with gray discs
Timeless, high-quality acetate men's sunglasses, original late 60s
522.S2- Havanna
Round silver metal sunglasses with blue lenses
Small round metal sunglasses in antique silver with light blue lenses
Round metal sunglasses in antique silver with light blue lenses
Metal sunglasses in matte blue with gray discs
Award labels for eyeglasses
809 - Silber matt
Award labels for eyeglasses
809 - Gold matt
Matt blue sports sunglasses with silver metal temples
Sporty sunglasses with a silver middle section and black temples
High quality designer sunglasses in matte white with black and silver patterned hangers
Dark red sports glasses made of metal with flex hinge and orange mirrored lenses
Feminine sunglasses, borderless with white rhinestone decor on the side and gray, in-striped, wide temples
High-quality, dark blue universal sports goggles, Made in France
Semi-rimless ladies sunglasses in aluminum with gold screws and decorative rivets
KAPPA 0431 col. 1
A light, chic matching sunglasses in unisex design
KAPPA 5608 col. 3
A chic ladies sunglasses with gold headband
KAPPA 097 col. 1
Matt blue and green Kappa sunglasses in classic sporty shape with gray, silver mirrored lenses
KAPPA 3077 col. 4
Bigger ladies sunglasses with 3 gold studs on each side
KAPPA 049 col. 3
A classic, top-heeled handcrafted Acetate Panto Sunglasses Made in Italy by ROBE DI KAPPA <br />
The golden KAPPA logo is attached to the outside of the bar
KAPPA 5117 col. 2
A cool POP ART sunglasses with headband
KAPPA 6029 col. 1
A cool, poppy oval sunglasses with a gold headband
KAPPA 627 col. 3
Beautiful, larger ladies wide-brimmed sunglasses and robe di kappa logo
KAPPA 5131.3 - Schwarz
Beautiful, larger ladies wide-brimmed sunglasses and robe di kappa logo
KAPPA 5131 col. 2
A slightly smaller unisex metal sunglasses with nice chiselling
KAPPA 0513 col. 2
A flatter, slightly wider cool mens metal sunglasses with headband
KAPPA 0558.1 col. 1
A sturdy, classic panto unisex metal sunglass
KAPPA 0206 col. 1
A high quality, semi rimless aluminum sunglasses
KAPPA 0432 col. 1

Venus col. 1

Venus col. 2

Venus col. 3

Venus col. 4
Small round sunglasses from the 1970s in horn color with grey mineral glass lenses by Selecta
Rondo S Small col. 1.1
Oval sunglasse made of meta in silver with black plastic arms by Tropical
Round metal Clip in old silver in 44mm with 2 hooks on each side
3ß397 / 1700 Clip Neu
Cool space sunglasses from the 1980s in translucent blue
Space 902
Adjustable metal sun clip in gold in 46 mm and in 48 mm
30399 / 1530 Clip Neu
Round metal Clip in gold in 50mm with 2 hooks on each side
30397 / 1700 Clip Neu
Silver metal sunglasses for men with grey lenses by Tropical
Tropical sunglasses in silve and black with yellow lenses
Retro sunglasses in demi amber with brown lenses by Tropical for Apart
Antique round celluloid sunglasses from the 1920s and 30s
30375 col. 1
An antique, round celluloid sunglasses of the 1920 / 30s
30375 col. 2
Comby sunglasses in silver and black with light blue lenses by Tropical
Round plastic sun clip with chased metal bridge and green glazing
Sunrock Clip
High quality CR 39 discs, 75 mm diameter, Italian product
CR-39 Lenses grey brown
Matt silver sports sunglasses with silver temples
Vintage sunglasses in Havana from the 60s in diamond shape
Alhambra Sun
Classic round metal sunglasses with nose pads
7153 col. 4
Beautiful, lightweight metal sunglasses with locking blocks
0506 col. 2
Luxurious oval metal sunglasses in design by Regina Schreckrer
0215. - bicolor
Beautiful round fancy metal sunglasses
Vintage IDC sunglasses from the 80s in blue with blue mirrored lenses
Large, 6-edged 1970s acetate sunglasses
5000.S col. 3
Oval metal sunglasses for children in gold with reinforced bridge
Oval children's glasses with double bridge in silver
Black cat eye sunglasses from the late 80s with pretty rhinestone decor on the sides
Sporty cool panorama sunglasses, unisex
0564 col. 1
The "Wayfarer" in children or youth size, Made in Italy
0599. K - Havanna blau SP