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Job Safety Goggles

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Good final occupational safety and goggles with 6 air filters against tarnishing
New made wind and sun goggles according to the old model, only a little bigger and more comfortable
30454 - Gray
Arbeitsschuz glasses from the 20s
1920. Sado M.
Unglazed black safety goggles with side protection and screw cap
Round, trendy goggles with black rubber edging, silver metal and clear lenses
From the time of the first automobiles, from the turn of the century: Foldable wind goggles, hand-sewn, with tinted windows in green
Crystal clear tip for folding up
Unglazed black soft goggles made in France by BOLLE
Larger safety goggles with length-adjustable temples for all kinds of work
Large crystal clear so-called
Completely water-clear safety glasses for dentists or for everywhere, where it can splash into the eyes
A safety goggles with all harassment, still from DDR production
Goggles still from DDR production
Large black goggles with dark green windows for eg deserts or high mountain tours
A huge safety goggles for extreme work with dust and spray
Elite Ventilated by BOLLE´
Big, clear safety goggles for dangerous work
Fixed goggles with sturdy grid
Gitter Schutzbrille
Unglazed larger stable goggles with rubber band and screw cap
Mono Filter
Slightly larger round safety goggles with leather side guards and stirrup bars from the 1970s
1970 Schutzbrille mit Seitenleder
Good looking goggles with side panels and length adjustable brackets, eg for dentists, surgeons etc
Schutzbrille Nr.166
Large overglow goggles in dark green, so-called visitor glasses to carry over the socket
Hand-stitched trendy goggles against stone chips and other aircraft such as flies, bees, etc
Large safety goggles / visitor glasses in clear safety material for wearing over the normal spectacle frame
Safety goggles that protect against splintering when working
690 - Arbeitsschutzbrille gegen Splitter
30454 - Gray
New made wind and sun goggles according to the old model, only a little bigger and more comfortable. Gray velvet fabric with brown sun lenses and fine metal side protection. Something for fans of nostalgia.