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Sports Saftey Goggles

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Futuristic ski and snowboard glasses from Sunrock

sun eclipse
Round red glacier glasses with red nose and side leather
1881.2 Golfbügel
Smaller Pilot glacier glasses with red nose and side leather and nose pads and dark brown lenses
Oval nostalgic mountaineers or Cabriobrille in Luis Trenker style, since the 30s in the same style in use
Very good safety glasses made of soft, elastic material with 6 ventilation valves
Older motorcycle or wind protection goggles in brand new condition
Large fold-up wind and UV protection goggles with band and orange, contour-enhancing anti-fog lens
An old patent from the 30s! The viewing slots allow relatively good visibility and protect the eyes from rain, for example while riding a motorcycle
Regenschutz Schlitzbrille
Round "techno-glasses" or original welding goggles with black imitation leather edging
Technobrille 30028
Motorcycle goggles in the old style of Richthofen glasses modeled after
Von Richthofen Fliegerbrille
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